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We sit down with leaders in CX to get their take on how to best engage customers, drive more sales, reduce churn, and ultimately increase customer loyalty.

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The Importance of Simplicity in CX


Guest: Brice Scheshuk, Co-Founder of Wind Mobile (Now Freedom Mobile) & Managing Partner at Globalive

Brice co-founded Wind Mobile (now Freedom Mobile) - the Canadian equivalent of a telco disrupter like T-Mobile or Metro PCS in the US. After a 10-figure exit, he’s been investing in the innovation ecosystem as a Managing Partner at Globalive. He shares his roller-coaster story of starting Wind Mobile and how he punched above his weight in a stagnant telco market.

Conversations With Leaders in Customer Experience (CX)

Why Customer Loyalty Starts With Data

Guest: Bryan Pearson, Former CEO of LoyaltyOne

Bryan literally wrote the book on customer loyalty. He's the author of "Loyalty Leap" and is a big believer that the best loyalty marketing starts with data. Providing different offers to different segments of your consumer base seems like a basic tenet of customer marketing, but he explains why so many retailers still don't get it right today and what they can do to fix it.

How to modernize the customer experience

Guest: Michelle Denogean, CMO at Roadster

Michelle shared her thoughts on how retailers can modernize the customer experience by enabling every buying journey imaginable - whether it starts in-store and ends online, vice versa, and everything in between.

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Scott McArthur

Chief Revenue Officer at Statflo

Scott's passion has always been about improving the customer experience in retail.

As an ex-sales and marketing leader at a leading national telco carrier, he has over 15 years of hands-on experience working across consumer retail, SMB, and dealer distribution channels.